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Collaborative prides itself on being a company that maintains a strong commitment to pairing prospective job seekers with desirable positions among top companies throughout the nation. We honor this commitment by offering contract positions at no cost to you. Our services are paid for by our clients. See what Collaborative can do for you. We offer opportunities in a wide variety of fields:

  • Administrative
  • Light Industrial
  • Health Care
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Technical – IT
  • Legal
  • Management

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We take the difficulty out of the hiring process by personally screening every prospective employee. Collaborative meticulously searches for and evaluates numerous candidates, ensuring that your company is presented with only the most qualified contractors to staff your contracting needs. Collaborative saves your company time and money.

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Tips for Staying Positive at Work

In lean times amid hiring freezes and an unpredictable future, it can be difficult to remain optimistic...

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Do Your Homework Before the Big Interview

With employers in more control of the labor market, candidates feel compelled to give it their all when preparing for interviews...

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An Offer You Should Refuse

In most cases, employers extend counteroffers not because they suddenly realize an employee's value to the company but instead because they fear the immediate disruption his or her departure will have on productivity...

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